Meet Devon’s new Chief Officer and her Team

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On Tuesday 23rd March 2021, Parent Carer Forum Devon hosted an opportunity for Parent Carers to meet Devon County Council’s new Chief Officer for Children’s Services and her team.

Parent Carers had the opportunity to have conversations and to speak directly with:

Melissa Caslake, Chief Officer for Children’s Services

Dawn Stabb, Head of Education and Learning

Mark Mirfin, Interim Senior Manager for Disabled Children’s Service

Julia Foster, SEND Senior Manager



To help you navigate the video, here is a list of topics and when you can find them:

0:00​ Introductions
5:34​ Melissa Caslake and team
14:49​ Support for parents with disabled children
19:23​ Case management
25:20​ Silence for Key Workers
27:00​ Short Breaks work
28:34​ SEND Transformation
29:54​ Parent Carer Assessments
36:44​ Thresholds for support
43:30​ Parent experiences of services
47:17​ Autistic masking and training
51:52​ EHC Hub
54:54​ Support for young people with profound disabilities
56:46​ Confidence in change
59:34​ Conclusion