Meet the Steering Group

We’re a group of parent carers of children and young people with a range of special educational needs and disabilities. We’re all volunteers who want to improve the everyday experiences of our children and young people in Devon

I’m mum to four lovely kids – two have SEND. I’ve lived in Devon since 2011 and love this beautiful part of the world. I believe that involving parents in decision making is key to successfully improving things for our children and young people.

Julia Bonell

Co-chair , PCFD

I moved to Devon in 2014 and have two boys with SEND. I want to help improve services for all families. I’m passionate about the difference receiving quality support at the right time makes.
Victoria Mitchell

Co-Chair, PCFD

I am a mum of 3 children with SEND and have experience of both mainstream and specialist environments. Getting the right support at the right time can make a significance different to the lives of young people and their families and feel strongly that professionals working cohesively with parents and really listening to our young people is key to creating a more joined up, holistic approach to support.

Michelle Johnson

Steering Group Member , PCFD

I’m mum to 3 I have a daughter and 2 boys who both have SEND.
I love to advocate for others in my position who maybe struggle to use their voice and I love the support from parent carers in devon it really is amazing and I believe we can work together to make a difference.
Gemma Cook

Steering group member, PCFD

I’m mum to 3 children, one with SEND. Through my daughter I have over a decade of experience of several different areas of Devon’s SEND services, in both mainstream and special schools, but the area I feel most strongly about is language and communication support.
Hannah Fujita

Steering group member & PCFD Rep, PCFD

I am a parent carer to a 12 year old Deafblind girl who attends mainstream school. I have helped to influence services on offer for SEND children in Devon for nearly 10 years. I am bringing my training expertise to the Steering Group and hope to make sure our experiences are listened to, heard, understood and acted on.
Jane Ring

Training Adviser & Steering Group Member, PCFD

I moved to Devon sixteen years ago. I have two young People age 25 and 13. Both have additional needs. I am looking forward to working with the Forum for the greater good.
Jen Heskin Martin

Steering Group Member & PCFD Rep, PCFD

I live with my awesome partner and our two wonderful boys, we all live with ASC.
My passion is to help support all children and their families.
Nins Weyman

Steering group member , PCFD

I’m a partially deaf, autistic adult of 2 autistic children, both with SEND, and as different as chalk and cheese. I work in SEND, and am very passionate about children / young people and their families having the right support, and the knowledge to get it.
Ursula Easton-Pool

Steering Group Member & PCFD Rep , PCFD

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