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Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) have announced a Revisit of Devon Local Area from 23rd to 25th May 2022. This includes all education, health and care services for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

This page will explain the different ways parent carers can share their experiences with the inspection team, following the topic headings below:

Why a Revisit?

In December 2018 Devon Local Area had an Ofsted inspection, where significant areas of weaknesses were identified.
The full Ofsted report from that inspection can be found here.

A Written Statement of Action was created by the local area and agreed by Ofsted to address the 4 significant areas of weakness.

The revisit will evaluate how effectively leaders have addressed the areas of significant weakness detailed in the written statement of action.

The revisit is carried out by inspectors from Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission.

What is the focus of the Revisit?

The revisit is focused ONLY on the 4 areas of significant weakness that are detailed in the Written Statement of Action;

  • To embed the strategic plans and the local areas SEND arrangements, ensuring that they are widely understood by stakeholders including schools, settings, staff and parents and carers.
  • To improve communication with key stakeholders, particularly with parents and families.
  • To improve the timeliness and quality of Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP), so they consistently capture a child / young person’s needs and aspirations and become effective support in the planning and implementation of education health and care provision.
  • Improve the identification, assessment, diagnosis and support of those children and young people with autism spectrum disorder.

Who is coming from Ofsted and the CQC?

There are a team of three inspectors coming, this is made up of;

  • Stephen McShane – the lead Inspector for the team.
  • Tessa Valpy – a CQC specialist children’s services inspector.
  • Catherine Leahy – an Ofsted inspector.

Why is it important for parent carers to be heard during the Revisit?

Hearing about the lived experience of using SEND services will complete the picture of SEND in Devon for the inspectors.

Inspectors will hear from the Local Area Staff and will also dig down into the points on the written statement of action. The inspectors then look to see if what they see and hear is also experienced by families.

The SEND Code of Practice 2014 details the important role that parents and carers must play in the SEND process. Inspections and revisits are part of the SEND process.

Parents’ views will inform the evaluation of the local area’s effectiveness. However, inspectors will not identify individual children, young people, or parents when they present their findings to the local area.

How can the inspectors hear from you?

During the re-visit inspectors are keen to hear from as many parents and carers as possible. Ways you can do this include:

Completing the survey from the inspectors
The survey opens at noon on 16th May and closes at noon on 20th May.

Emailing your contributions to lasend.support@ofsted.gov.uk putting DEVON PARENT VIEWS in the subject.

There will also be TWO parent meetings which will be held online;
Monday 23rd May 7pm – 8pm
Tuesday 24th May 1pm to 2pm
You can sign up for either of these meeting times here

Children and young people’s voice

The inspectors are also to keen to hear from children and young people. If your child/ young person wants add their voice to the revisit, please contact amy.bickford@devon.gov.uk

Key information

The revisit takes place Monday 23rd to Wednesday 25th May 2022.

Parent carer revisit information sessions – 16th and 17th May

Ofsted survey open midday Monday 16th May – midday Friday 20th May

You can email in your contribution to the inspectors lasend.support@ofsted.gov.uk –put DEVON PARENT VIEW in the subject

2 parent meetings: Monday 23rd May 7pm AND Tuesday 24th May 1pm.
Register to attend at:

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